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What is a guitar set-up and what how can this help my guitar? Is this the same for bass guitars, too?

A set-up will make your guitar or bass play the very best it can. Many guitarists are so used to their instrument’s misalignments that they don’t even notice until we fix it and then, “WOW! I didn’t think that it could ever play like this.”

Almost every guitar needs a "set-up" every few years. Even seasonal changes in weather can cause need for a set-up or at least an adjustment. Many gigging guitarists need this service more often.

If more is needed, we will be able to say once we can look at the guitar.

A set-up entails many steps: nut, bridge and saddle adjustments (may require shimming, slotting, etc.), intonation, neck alignment, fret height and/or fret edge de-burring , finger board cleaning, pick-up height adjustment and more. We can often correct other problems at the same time.

There is no set price for a set-up, as every instrument has its own level of need. We can give a clear estimate when we see the guitar.

That said, the average set-up takes about an hour. Obviously, the better shape the guitar is in, the less time it will take. The cost is figured at our currently hourly rate of $68.00/hour. Tremolo bridge guitars (Floyd Rose, etc.) take about 1/2 hour more.

Most guitars will need a fresh set of strings of your preferred brand and gauge. This is a separate cost and we carry a good variety at our store or you can supply your own. Bass stings can often be reused.

People from all over the country even send their “baby” for what they know is the best and most trusted care available.