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Doc’s Gallery

Some interesting and amusing details in the life of a guitar surgeon

The instruments displayed here are a few examples of Doc's past and current custom guitar work.
Some are guitars that he will never forget. They are presented to give you a few examples of what can be built or modified to suit the player's wishes.

Please note: Gallery items are for exhibit, not for sale

Enjoy your visit ... Eating and drinking are allowed !

BOOTLEG Custom 12 String Electric Guitar - Aria neck with Tele body - Unique and outstanding player

“VanHendrix” Custom

Aria/Tele Custom 12 String Electric

Many Clamps - Click for details Yo! Dude Looks Like a Lady! -Click for details

Yo! Dude Looks Like a Lady!

Many Clamps

Carved Warmoth Custom -Click for details Look Ma ~ No Frets ! - Fretless telecaster - Click for details

Doc Custom 5 String Bass

Look Ma ~ No Frets !

Carved Custom

1927 Martin 018 Koa Modification The "Eddie" custom guitar Custom Teardrop Guitar

Martin 018 Koa

"Doc" Custom Teardrop

The "Eddie"

The Cornflake Box axe Count Chocula cereal box guitar Fairport Convention with the Cornflake Axe

The Cornflake Box Axe

Fairport with the Cornflake Axe

Count Chocula

The Naked Lady Custom guitar Gibson SG Standard modified Custom Music Man Silhouette

The Naked Lady Custom

Custom Music Man Silhouette

Gibson SG Standard

Custom Mini '61 SG Jr. Three Little Pigs - Hagstrom, Carvin, Rickenbacker Guild Casino

Custom Mini '61 SG Jr.

Guild Casino ??

Three Little Pigs

Les Paul Custom Deluxe Custom TeleBlaster Mike's Kustom Kramer

Les Paul Custom Deluxe

Mike's Kustom Kramer

Custom TeleBlaster

Telecaster Elite The Yellowbird - Custom Guitar by Guitar Doctor Fender-Gibson Combo - The LesCaster

Telecaster Elite

Fender/Gibson Combo

The Yellow Bird

Gerry’s Ghost Custom

See Doc's custom shop to find out how to build your own "dream" guitar.

For Sale

Click on an image for details

Doc's  first! Hagstrom IV - Click for details

Hagstrom IV

Custom 5 string headless bass - Click for details “VanHendrix” Custom Gerry Garcia Custom Original - Click for details For Sale