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+ DiMarzio Magnetics Pickups:

Bridge: PAF Pro - Middle: Humbucker from Hell - Neck: F-S 1

+ Lloyd Baggs piezo system:

T-Bridge with Control-X  blend/ balance circuit

+ 3-way "piezo/both/mag" selector switch

+ Large LED mag/piezo indicators

+ Master Volume & Tone

+ 5-way selector switch

+ 4-mode twin coil-tap switches


This unique guitar was not intended as a copy of any particular one of Jerry Garcia's guitars. It is rather a composite of several of his instruments. It offers the best of features according to Jerry's specifications and preferences. The wide range of possible tones available from this instrument definitely capture many of Gerry's famous sounds.  

The materials used in its construction result in an almost magical and often unattainable combination of enhanced sustain, resonance, and tone. Honduras mahogany was chosen for these factors over the rosewood core of other of Jerry's guitars, as well as for conserving on physical weight. Rosewood would produced a darker tone with less resonance and more emphasis on sustain. We chose to try and bring out all the desirable qualities of a solid body instrument and succeeded! 

After a few years of interrupted construction, it was finally completed on August 9, 2005 and has never been played. This was the 10th anniversary of Jerry's death. That coincidence and a mysterious "face" in the grain (unfortunately hidden under the bridge & tailstop) that appears as a "skull with long hair" has prompted us to dub this guitar as "Jerry's Ghost". We think and hope that he would approve.

Gerry Garcia Tribute Custom Guitar - Details

100% designed and handcrafted by Guitar Doctor

 - Whitman, MA -

neck_joint_back.jpg headstock_front.jpg head_whole_back.jpg tuner_single.jpg pickups_3.jpg lightening_bolt.jpg skull.jpg truss_rod_cover.jpg body_back_closer.jpg controls.jpg body_back_closer.jpg nut.jpg See slideshow if unable to access enlargements