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Replacing a stolen guitar (1984 Kramer-Floyd Rose model) of 11 years is difficult when it was the last one I ever wanted. Breaking the replacement even if it wasn't quite as good as the original was devastating. So I gather some info and start calling people, one of which was the guitar doctor. Of the 3 or 4 I talked to Eric listened and would actually talk back about anything I wanted to know. He didn't forget our conversations so after quite a few months I finally get the nerve to send my wounded Kramer to him. He took care of it just like he said he would! Everything I asked for I got, and more! New paint job, new neck, new pickup and some amazing sound, clarity, power, feel, sustain, and a whole lot of knowledge because I wanted to know every how, why, what does this do, etc. About this new custom Kramer which believe it or not is better than the original. Yes I said better! You have to be good to better something that in memory was already perfect. Eric did that for me. So a great big thank you to Eric Vance for restoring a missing piece of me! This guitar is beyond perfect!!!!!

Mike Hudson