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"VanHendrix" Custom electric guitar

Mahogany neck & body with exotic Brazilian Pau Ferro fingerboard, reverse headstock, no fingerboard inlay – side dots only,

This very cool,  interesting and one-of-a-kind custom guitar features great pickups and custom wiring for varied and useful tones. Very clean looking and has an extra-wide 1-3/4” nut & string spacing. If you want something different and unique, this is it. Feels great and sounds even better!

Built here by us. Without the gory details, we're letting this instrument go for half of what it's worth!

Brand New!  

$849.00 - No case

Bootleg "VanHendrix" Custom electric guitar front view Bootleg "VanHendrix" Custom electric guitar back view Bootleg "VanHendrix" Custom electric guitar headstock Bootleg "VanHendrix" Custom electric guitar detail