The Yellowbird - Custom Guitar by Guitar Doctor
I built this guitar in the "big hair" 80's. It's the only one I ever built on a whim for no one in particular. Sure looks loud!

I felt the black and red worked well with the "safety yellow". A reflection of my soul? - Not sure about that! The most comments on this thing were aimed at the 3-ply black-red-black "bikini" pickguard. Go figure!?

With all of its other hot rod features like locking tuners, back-routed trem, and complicated wiring with fancy switches that give it 10 distinct sounds with only two pickups! This is the third neck on it. The first one warped and the second one sucked. This neck is great. The funny-shaped headstock was cut down from a strat-shaped head in effort to improve the E and B string response. It worked well.

I gigged with it for a few years and it's now with its 3rd owner. Even though it's not his main axe, Marc really digs this thing. It always feels like the "wayward son" when it comes in for a check-up. By the way - it lives in a yellow with black & red plaid gigbag! Really cool & a lotta fun!

("Hey!" Marc!)