Gordon Custom Electric Violin
Unique! A great sounding, natural to play electric violin!

This five string has custom on-board active pre-amp. The electronics have a custom EQ curve developed for this instrument and pickup. The bridge/pickup is from Eric Aceto. The instrument is a five string, with a slightly longer scale length than a standard violin so the tension on the strings is reasonable.

Although the body looks very different, the neck angle and positions are all the same as an acoustic instrument, and the feel is surprisingly comfortable and natural to play. There is one switch to select full bypass passive mode and active/on.

To prevent accidental battery drain, the power is turned off if the cord in not plugged in. To test the battery, there is one pushbutton and an indicator light. Battery life is about 100 hours with a standard 9 volt battery. The best part of this violin is the sound in active mode. In active mode, the tone and output will not change depending on what is plugged into, which is a problem with passive piezo pickups.

Scale length = 13" - Overall length = 23"

A truly unique, great sounding, natural-to-play electric violin!

$1500.00 -  New - Bow included - No case -

Tues. thru Fri. - 10am to 6pm EST

Saturday - 10am to 4pm EST

CLOSED Sunday and Monday


659 Bedford St. (Rt. 18)
Whitman, MA
02382 USA
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